TorchScript C++ API reference

To use metatensor’s TorchScript C++ API from your own code, you should #include <metatensor/torch.hpp> and use the functions and classes documented below. You should then link with libtorch, and the both the metatensor_torch and metatensor shared libraries.

The easiest way to link to everything and set the right compiler flags is to use CMake after installing metatensor’s C++ Torch interface:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.16)
project(my-project CXX)


# add executables/libraries
add_executable(my-exe exe-source.cpp)
add_library(my-lib lib-source.cpp)

# Link to metatensor, this makes the header accessible and link to the right
# libraries.
target_link_libraries(my-exe metatensor_torch)
target_link_libraries(my-lib metatensor_torch)